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Ways to recover your website from Google Penguin Penalty

When it comes to resolving the issue for which your site has been penalized by search engine say google, you need to do make effective efforts as quickly as possible. This is because once a website gets penalized it loses its visibility and rate of conversion which can create a highly negative effect on your website and ultimately to your business. You know how important it is to be seen by the users in the digital world. When a site is penalized and reduced to zero visibility it comes to a halt. From there remain no chances of growth this is why you must work on the steps to recover from the penalties. The time of recovery depends on the nature of a penalty and your efforts to recover. However, faster you will recover, better will you admired by search engines. You can bounce back on the good list of the search engines by following these steps.

Though it is advisable to you consult professionals who are providing the services of Website Designing if you are not well conversant with the below-mentioned terms then avoid doing the process on your own. As once you are penalized there is no room left for you to commit any mistakes as they will become a hurdle to your way of earning reputation. For ensuring best results you can trust Protech Solutions.

Now let’s move to the steps which you should know to recover from a penalty.

  • Keep a record of links those needs to be removed.

With the passage of time, the quality of links gets changes. Thus go back and perform a link audit. By doing so you can make a clean profile. Don’t forget to keep the updated information such as changes made to the link or changes made to the URL. The formation of the master spreadsheet for the links that need to be kept and those which needs to be eliminated facilitates a lot.

  • Analyse your quality links

One of the most common reasons for getting penalised is having dominance of unnatural or spammy links. It is not being suggested hereby that all links needs your suspicion as all of them can be spammy however you should spend some time in figuring out the spammy ones. For Google, penguin recovery focus on your links are trying to find to find the links which are scrutinized by search engines. Check it out whether you are having links that are site-wide, links which belong to the sites that are non-indexed, links that come from irrelevant or untrustworthy sites or the ones which are committing disproportionate use of anchor text. Once you find them just wipe them out.

  • Form a list of backlinks

The positive news is that the google penguin recovery services offer tools so that you can get help in building list of backlinks. There are many tools available for you such as Webmaster tools, Majestic SEO, Open Explorer of Sites etc.

Furthermore, experts are of an opinion that it is always better to draw reports from two or more than two tools as by doing so you get access to cross-reference of data. You get more collections of data and the chances of missing links get reduced. Plus the tools have inbuilt features for export which makes it easier to start an excel sheet. Creating a spreadsheet is a better idea to get proper organization.

  • Contact the webmaster

After identifying the unnatural and spammy links what you need to do next is to wipe them out. When you know the links which should be removed you should reach out to webmasters for doing so in a better way. After reaching up to them you should ask to remove the spammy ones. While in the continuation of the process you are bucked up by the thought that there shall be no additional responses by the Webmaster you can move it using the Disavow Tool. Once each spam link is eliminated you must regularly keep a track of your links.

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