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Seven top Off-Page SEO Strategies

We already know that SEO are too important for earning good rankings more visits and ultimately more customer conversion. However, most people stop at optimizing their site and making it informative.

But do you expect that all of a sudden a huge traffic will come to know of website’s existence and it will rush towards yours? Sitting back, relaxing and waiting for that miraculous transformation will not lead you anywhere.

It is appreciable if you have made out a perfect website that is loaded with every significant factor, which is optimum and effective as well. But what are plans for sharing it? How do you suppose that people will find it out?

By searching for your URL? That’s exactly what off-page SEO is.

Let’s start with a slight description of the process.

It is centred around earning top rankings on search engines and divided into two parts as follows:

  • On-page SEO

Keyword stuffing, description, titles and internal links are some of the factors that are included in this process. These are the things which you do on your site. So, you can say that it helps in making you known.

  • Off- page SEO

Once you have made your place in the search lists and you will need to focus on improving your position. For doing so you will have to work on improvisations.  As getting on top rankings on SERP is very significant.

Hereby you are being served with seven top off-page SEO strategies that will help you immensely in getting in the upper rankings.

  • Guest Blogging

EzineArticles, MOZ and HubPages are some examples of Guest Blogging. In this process, one approaches some blogging platforms to publish one’s articles, this, with a link to business.

You might be thinking why the high DA blogging platforms will bother to publish other author’s articles. There are varied reasons for doing so. Firstly, above everything, it involves flow of money. Secondly, when a blog is published on a platform there are chances of some more bookmarking for them. Also, your enriching content saves the time of their writers to focus on producing more constructive content.

  • Social Media Engagement

Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, twitter, linked in, Pinterest etc. are undoubtedly one of most popular platforms today. They proudly hold a huge chunk of users. This is why your business needs to be active on them. They have high Domain authority, Page Rank and Page authority.

  • Sharing of documents.

The websites having high DA will help you immensely in getting high rankings in the search lists. There are varied websites such as Scribed and Slideshare which give you the freedom to share your documents, for instance, PDF or presentation.

By interlocking your website’s address in these documents you can be benefitted.

  • Submission of online directory

Directory submission makes you stand a position from you can clearly make your existence felt. Doing this in the right manner will be more beneficial which depends on you thoroughly.

You can do submission of the online directory on many websites such as 3tot, Promotrehour, Exalead etc. They work like the social bookmarking ones. You only have to enter your name in the directory repository as the option of sharing is not enabled here.

  • Media submission

There are many websites which can provide you with the description, tags and reference links with the media factors. They can also provide you quality backlinks as they are high in DA and PA. This is what makes them so admirable.

The digital world is loaded with many infographics, video or image submission sites.

For instance, you can opt for YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion etc for video submission. Websites such as Tumblr, Instagram and Shutterfly are best for image submission. When it comes to infographics submission you have Reddit, infographic love, Nerdgraph etc.

Choose the one which suits you best, work on them with utmost care as they can lead you to the top rankings.

  • Development of persona

For building your brand in the more humane manner you should work on persona development. Q&A forums, blog commenting and forum submissions are the key elements for doing so.

However, keep a balance in what you do and don’t end up in being a spam.

Forum submissions: You have many forums where you can post your link in the relevant category for instance zig wheels is admired for Automobiles.

Q&A Forums: These are the platforms from where you can impart your knowledge in the business interest. You have Askfm, Yahoo ask and Quora for interacting with seekers across the world.

Blog commenting: it can be done through Xing, Telegraph, blogger etc. It can end up in giving quick results.

  • Social media bookmarking

This is one of the well-known and reliable ways of getting more qualified visitors and faster indexing.

Websites such as Stumbleupon, Reddit, Peraltreesetc. allows you to do efficient bookmarking. and getting more social media followings too.

Create complete profiles of your business for social media platforms and keep your focus on quality and not quantity. After doing so, sit back and enjoy more traffic leads.


Promoting your content is crucial to your business. It is simple to understand that your prolific content and effective website needs to be read and viewed to be of any use.

For making them far-reaching you need to work better on your Off-page SEO strategy. By following these above mentioned steps you can successfully get higher on the search lists as they will help you in building a subtle concept.

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