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How to make your Social Media Marketing better

When it comes to good management, you need to do apt controlling as well. Everything needs to be checked at definite time intervals to ensure that plan or strategy is moving in the right direction to achieve the desired results. The same thing goes with the social media marketing, once you have implanted your strategy you need to analyse its performance as well. This is needed to be done for finding the flaws and strategies better. By doing so you will be able to know whether efforts ate reaching to your target audience or not. Hereby, we are suggesting you some techniques through which you can analyse your performance and make it better.

However, before moving ahead to those techniques, read the elements which will need your immense focus in the process:

  • Analytics data at regular intervals
  • Traffic share of paid and organic practices
  • Engagement on social posts
  • Daily traffic
  • Most engaged posts

Now, let’s move on the steps.

  • Spot irregularities and fix them

Track the impressions. Impressions are the number of people of who have viewed your posts. Usually, social media platforms have inbuilt analytics which tracks the impressions however, you can use other analytics tools too.

Once you have tracked them you can observe them closely and know what caused them. By doing so you can move spot irregularities and step forward.

Keep the data of platforms and impressions in one document.


Impression data may vary according to the increase in your post frequency. Thus it is advised to fix the number of posts to track the impressions accurately.

  • Review traffic: figure out inconsistencies in your site

Clicks are considered as a separate metrics, however, they are undoubtedly one of the best forms of engagement.

While analysing traffic and clicks, keep a track of how many of them redirect the net users to your site. They influence traffic to a great extent. For doing it in a better way create a column spreadsheet to mark the traffic flow from the post to the site.


If you come across the results that show a huge difference between clicks and traffic, then there is something wrong with your site. Figure out the inconsistencies and make a document for them. You may use google analytics for doing so this will give you a detailed dashboard.

  • Track the engagements

Fetching the right engagements is significant. The other metrics need to be in proportion to the hike in engagement. Each Social platform has its own.

  • Analyse audience behaviour

When it comes to social media the number of users you have holds an important place. It is crucial to keep a check on followers across varied platforms, for doing so you can use analytics as per your choice. Keep in mind that there are bigger chances of getting better engagements and traffic if you have many followers.

If you are counting your followers merely by taking a look on display you will barely get slight information. This is why analytics are advised, they provide you a deeper insight through which you can understand the outliers in your data.

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