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Good SEO is a blend of varied elements

Often people think SEO is a simple process which aims at driving traffic and constitutes few elements and that’s it! Let us clear the clouds of misconceptions such as SEO is an easy thing to do.

Those who are beginners or not well conversant with the digital marketing needs to know the actual complexity of making a site search engine friendly. This doesn’t only mean that you should only have to be familiar with the term Search Engine Optimization and its definition. To choose the right SEO services and monitor the activities of your services provider you must know and understand that there is a multitude of factors that all together optimize a website or a blog for search engines. The process is classified into three broad classes first one is on-the-page SEO, the second one is off-the-page SEO and at last, comes the Violations. These three parts have their own subparts too, which you will get to read in the below-mentioned lines. For having a full-fledged optimum SEO for your website or blog you can trust Protech Solutions which is a promising SEO Company in Delhi. However, before choosing your service provider, you should understand the process more.  Here onwards this article will present you the subparts of the said three parts of SEO and the qualities that every part of SEO should have to make your SEO campaign  successful

On-the-page SEO

On-the-page SEO includes the content, architecture and HTML coding of a site. The content needs to be developed after researching well, it should be fresh and not copied. The quality of your content should be good. The most important things are the keywords which should be chosen and used with utmost care. Above all this, your content should serve as an answer to the queries of the person who is searching the web.

Off-the-page SEO

This process includes things outside the website such as link building, social media marketing and social bookmarking. The way your website will build links and do social media marketing will contribute immensely to either growth or downfall of your website. This is why these elements needed to be equally focused like others.


Violations are not meant to be done as the other two. This is a negative phenomenon which needs to be avoided to prevent any negative impact on your site. Things such as piracy, cloaking, overstuffing of keywords etc are penalised by search engines. If your SEO is not practicing violations the chances of getting penalised by search engines or even getting banned increases a lot.

After knowing these small but relevant and important aspect of SEO you can make a better choice. However the professionals at Protech Solutions can optimize your website in a perfect manner as they are experienced and skilled, this is why they altogether make a rising SEO Company in West Patel Nagar.

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