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Basic Knowledge of Website Development

Today, the first basic need of every entrepreneur is a website, which can be made by different mediums and different types. In website development, the developer basically uses PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML scripting languages to make a complete website. In these features, only CSS is a language which is used for only designing the layout of the website and the remaining were used for adding some functions or some kind of activity. JavaScript uses some OOP’s concept to add some more powerful functions on the website, that’s why JavaScript is also known as Object-based language. There are some platforms also available on the web which allows the user to make their website without any scripting language. Some of the popular website development platforms are WordPress, Blogger, Wix, etc. Website development is not only just a website making tool but it is a key to success for an entrepreneur.



These all are the things which are related to the developer only but user really doesn’t care about these all mediums, they just know about the type of website. The website is like something to explain but sometimes the user wants to share something on the web like what they learn or what they have, known as Blog. A blog is a simplified form of a website, in which user just share their information like their study material or about their life or anything they want. A blog can be designed easily with Blogger, platform by Google.

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